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Restoration of the "Ave Maria" monument in the Milan Cimitero Monumentale

The “Ave Maria” monument by Giulio Branca, part of the rich heritage of the Cimitero Monumentale, has been restored thanks to innovative collaboration between Bracco Foundation, the municipality of Milan, Amici del Monumentale and the Soprintendenza of the city of Milano.


The restoration of the monumental organ of the Milan Duomo


The Great Organ of the Milan Duomo, an extraordinary masterpiece of art and mechanics, is at risk. With 15,800 pipes (the tallest of more than 9 m in the smallest of just a few centimetres) and 180 registers, this technological giant is the biggest organ in Italy and the second in Europe.

2018 - 2019

The “Piccolo” Storioni violin gets a new lease of life with art, science and training

The “Piccolo” violin made by Lorenzo Storioni in 1793 is the subject of a complex and structured intervention with the acquisition, study, analysis, restoration and display to the public of a refined pearl of Cremona violin making, thanks to a partnership between Bracco Foundation, the municipality of Cremona and the Violin Museum as one of the activities co-ordinated by the Violin Making Cultural District.

2017 - 2018

Restoration of the monumental statues by Leone Lodi in Torviscosa

The monumental statues by Leone Lodi in front of the entrance to the SPIN establishment in Torviscosa were commissioned by the SNIA from this Lombardy sculptor in 1938 and now thanks to an intervention by Bracco Foundation have a new life.


"Restoration at the Palazzo del Quirinale"

Bracco Foundation is supporting the project to restore the Galleria di Papa Chigi, one of the most beautiful examples of Roman Baroque, to its original aspect.

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