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    For its 10th anniversary, Bracco Foundation launches “10 voices per 10 years: words that leave their mark”, a choral narration of 10 video messages from personalities from the worlds of science, arts and civil society who share the values and commitment of Bracco Foundation.

    From the promotion of art and science to the access to culture, from environmental sustainability to feminine empowerment, from training to support for fragility: crucial issues in the present day to which Bracco Foundation, in these 10 years of activity, has helped to offer concrete responses.

    This choral narration begins in February and ends in December 2020: every month a video message will be published to coincide with the related World Days.

    The inaugural video on female scientific vocations, published on the World Day of Women and Girls in science, featuring Ersilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Officer of the European Space Agency and part of the #100esperte network.



    10 voices for 10 years: the video message from Barbara Caputo and Luisa Torsi for International Women's Day

    For International Women’s Day, scientists Barbara Caputo and Luisa Torsi, part of the #100esperte databank and stars of the cartoon strip “Paperina and scientific selection”, will tell of their work with robots and polymers, bringing an important message to girls of today and yesterday.


    #10 voices for 10 years: the inaugural video message from Ersilia Vaudo of the European Space Agency

    On the World day of women and girls in scienceErsilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Officer of the European Space Agency and part of the #100esperte network, explains how science is able to give us superpowers and how it is crucial, today more than ever, to understand mathematics, the language of the universe.

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