• The project

    2018 - 2019

    Bracco Foundation, Fondazione Sodalitas and the research laboratory "Percorsi di secondo welfare" have carried out research to map corporate foundations in Italy and reveal their main characteristics and operating methods. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

    In recent years there has been a growing awareness of the role corporate foundations play in the development of territories, in the growth of the well-being of citizens and in the cohesion of communities.

    Despite this, the physiognomy and impact of corporate foundations in Italy remains relatively unexplored. The most recent study on the topic (“Corporate Foundations in Italy” promoted by Fondazione Sodalitas in collaboration with Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli and ALTIS/Università Cattolica) is by now 10 years old, there is no updated list of corporate foundations and the Istat census of 2011 bundles foundations together as a single subject without distinguishing the category of corporate foundations.

    The new research, promoted in 2019 by Bracco Foundation and partners, aims to fill this gap. The report is structured as follows:

    Methodological introducion on the research process, the characteristics of the mapped population and the sample of corporate foundations answering the questionnaire
    • Focus on the relationship between the cfs and the founding companies
    • Description of the type of foundations, activities, operating methods and beneficiaries of interventions
    • Details of resources and organisational methods
    • Link between cfs and the networks they are part of
    • Development prospects

    The study will be presented publicly during the convention “Corporate Foundations in Italy: research results” on Wednesday September 18, 2019 at the headquarters of the Fondazione Sodalitas in Milan.


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