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    As part of the Culture and Health project, Bracco Foundation in 2019 has conceived and mounted to photographic exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano in Milan. “Life as a scientist” and “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo” alternated on the walls of the clinic giving a chance, from January to June, to discover the history of some of the leading Italian women scientists part of the #100esperte network, and from July to December 2 visit the ideal panorama that greeted Leonardo Da Vinci when he arrived in Milan.

    The “Life as a scientist – The faces of the #100esperte project” exhibition (January 15 – June 30, 2019) presents the faces and skills of some of the greatest Italian professional women in science, with portraits by the famous French photographer Gerald Bruneau. The exhibition aim to contribute to the overcoming of prejudices in scientific practice, which the popular imagination still sees, wrongly, as strictly masculine. “Life is a scientist”, as well as being shown in Milan, in 2019 – 2020 is on tour in the United States, hosted by the Italian Cultural Institutes, universities and research centres of important cities including Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

    The photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo” (July 6 – December 31, 2019), created and mounted by Bracco Foundation and La Scala Theatre Academy for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, has its origins in a question. What did Leonardo see when, at the age of 30, he left the Florentine Court of the Medici and arrived in Milan in 1482?
    An itinerary of images and words in 12 stages to see Milan from a new perspective, that of the Renaissance genius: art historian Manuela Alessandra Filippi and five young photographers of the stage photography and video course of the La Scala Academy, lead the public through the places that Leonardo saw and frequented. A route through some of the symbolic sites of the Lombardy capital, including the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie, Palazzo Borromeo, the crypt of the church of San Sepolcro and Ca’ Granda. The exhibition is a result of the partnership between Bracco Foundation and the La Scala Theatre Academy to support new generations and emerging talents and is part of the rich programme of activities in Milan to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci .


    Photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”

    The photographic exhibition “Milan through the eyes of Leonardo”, created and mounted by Bracco Foundation, CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano and La Scala Theatre Academy and open in Milan from July 9 to December 31, 2019 luglio al 31 dicembre 2019, is dedicated to the meeting between the city of Milan and the genius of Leonardo on the 500th anniversary of his death. Inauguration: July 9, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano (via Saint Bon 20, Milan).

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