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    To combat the growing spread of sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STD), due above all to disinformation, Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano is starting in 2019 a prevention project in the city of Milan aimed at secondary schools, to encourage the adoption of responsible behaviour.

    The project will use two complementary methods of presentation:
    - educational encounters with doctors of the CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano in fourth and fifth classes of second-grade Milanese secondary schools
    - an online platform offering authoritative digital information to explore, download and print for students and teachers.

    The Bracco Foundation - CDI initiative starts in the schools as being important places for education where with a scientific but popular approach correct information on the characteristics and means of transmission of STDs can be given and a more aware and careful attitude developed in sexual experiences.

    In recent years STDs are spreading and, according to World Health Organisation data, they mostly affect young people aged between 15 and 30.
    The project is in line with the initiatives promoted by the Lombardy schools network to promote health.

    A further objective of the initiative, beyond its training and scientific value, is to measure the results of this first phase and then extend the proposal to other schools in the territory.

    To know more: www.scuolachannel.it/projects/home/conoscereprevenireamare 


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