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    The initiative aims to promote community welfare, with new activities and services in local networks. The traditional welfare system cannot keep up with current complexity, and a possible answer is to incentivate and promote social entrepreneurial ideas that spring from the territory, from a local dimension, and so become a vehicle of regeneration.

    The competition is promoted by Fondazione Italiana Accenture, Bracco Foundation, Fondazione Snam, UBI Banca and Fondazione CON IL SUD. The scientific contribution of AICCON and the Politecnico di Milano - Tiresia, and the technical partnership of the PoliHub, SocialFare and Campania NewSteel incubators, as well as the Hubble-Acceleration Program and G-Factor are also confirmed.

    The competition is aimed at the whole of Italy, the main requirements are generating social impact, creating jobs for the disadvantaged and/or vulnerable, using technology and being economically sustainable. There are four areas: social agriculture; enhancement of cultural heritage, landscape and environment; personal services and - for the first time - circular economy.

    In line with Bracco Foundation’s all-round vision in its projects, the competition emphasises the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurism as a lever for growth and development.

    To know more: welfarecheimpresa.ideatre60.it


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