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    2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

    The Platform of Action with which the UN fourth world Congress on women in Peking in 1995 ended recognised the Women and Media area as one of the 12 strategic sectors for improving the condition of women and the progress of equal opportunity. But, 20 years on, national and international research shows that we are still a long way from the Peking objectives.

    According to the results of the Global Monitoring Project 2015 on the visibility of women in the media, Italian media offer much more visibility to men than to women (who only achieved 21%). In particular, female experts are only 18% of the total.

    It is almost always men who explain and interpret the world, women are rarely called upon by the media. Yet there are competent and qualified women. And they can give new life to media language which, by ignoring female experts, ignores the signs of the times, refusing to recognise the contribution of women in all areas of society, from politics to science.

    The 100 women against stereotypes project is an online platform that gives the names and CVs of 100 female experts starting from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) area, sectors where women are historically underrepresented but are at the same time strategic for our country.

    • The database dedicated to STEM was presented on November 3 2016 at the Science Festival of Genoa. Since Genoa, the project continues to have wide media coverage. On March 8 2017, International Women’s Day, the Fondazione Bracco celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Bracco Industries, with a book dedicated to the 100 STEM experts.
    • In 2018 the Project is dedicated to the economics and finance Italian female experts with the online database and a new book dedicated to them.
    • In 2019 the database include Italian female experts in International Politics.

    The site is also a tool for seeking prestige and authoritative female voices to contribute to public debate inside and outside the media, a key resource for male and female journalists, news agencies and press offices but also countries and businesses, public administration, local communities, schools and universities.

    The database, designed to be a practical tool and at the same time to contribute to change, will gradually be open to other sectors of knowledge and will also be present in an open source environment, thanks to Wikimedia, where it will be able to grow in the community spirit typical of this platform.

    The project is promoted by the Pavia Observatory and the GiULiA Association of female journalists, in collaboration with Bracco Foundation, with the support of the Commissione Europea, Rappresentanza in Italia.




    Conference "Why Europe? The word goes to expert women"

    The project #100esperte, launched in 2016 to promote voices and faces of the female expertise, opens in 2019 to the field of international politics in collaboration with ISPI.

  • What we have done
    November 3, 2016

    Presentation of the platform at the Genoa Festival of science


    The 100esperte.it platform was presented in the important setting of the Genoa Festival of science. The project is an online database of profiles of excellence, a useful tool for the media and others for calling in alongside male experts authoritative female voices to help interpret reality, starting from the science field.

    The session saw interventions from stakeholders and leading players.



    December 2, 2016

    #100esperte presented at TEDMED Call4Brain, in the session on diversity as a motor of change

    Among the workshops at TEDMED #Call4Brain of Fightthestroke, hosted at the Milan Polytechnic, was the session ‘What if not being perfect can explain diversity in science?' organised by the Bracco Foundation as part of its commitment to women. 

    Among the speakers was Telmo Pievani, a philosopher and evolutionist, who proposed a reflection on diversity as a catalyst for change starting from the natural world and Greta Radaelli, a young researcher of the IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and an online scientist thanks to the #100esperte project.

    A stimulating morning at TEDMED #Call4Brain of Fightthestroke, dedicated to science and innovation. The session proposed DIVERSITY as a strategy and resources the change through a multidisciplinary path.

    Telmo Pievani, and evolutionist and professor at Padova University, explained the concept starting from biological organisms, which through diversity adapt and renew themselves, while perfection, which is of itself static, would not permit progress. Greta Radaelli, a researcher at the IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, took up the concept of diversity of gender, recounting our #100esperte project, an online database of female scientists created to increase female presence in the media.

    The public was then given the chance to explore the concept by sharing their own and other people’s experience, in which diversity brought about change and hence evolution and innovation at the individual and collective level.


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