• The project

    30th June 2016

    The Paese della Sera does not only cover tales of positive solidarity in Italy, but is also a social project, with young people in difficulty involved in the distribution of the fortnightly, providing them with a source of income.

    The magazine hosts on a voluntary basis well-known names from mainstream media in the world of culture, with the goal of bringing to the public content, opinions and original and quality news regarding social innovation, real-life examples of solutions and best practices that creatively tackle the problems, raising awareness in readers on the topics of solidarity, active citizenship and corporate social responsibility.

    The Bracco Foundation, an active promoter of activities dedicated to vulnerable groups such as women and migrants, is a partner in the project, with which it shares the vision: a new information tool that, in addition to being a source of content, provides job opportunities to young people in difficult situations, including young male and female refugees.

    You can follow the project and read the magazine here: www.ilpaesedellasera.it

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