From March 18-20, 2016 FWA - Fondazione Welfare Ambrosiano is taking part in Do the right thing! at the Fiera Milano City Pavilion 3, to present its initiatives aimed at Milanese citizens and workers to promote a model of subsidiary and innovative welfare.

In particular FWA is presenting the cancer prevention and supplementary health welfare project FWA PREVENZIONE DONNE, implemented thanks to the support of Bracco Foundation and Fondazione Cariplo and designed for all women who want to look after themselves.

The Supplementary Health Welfare Project is carried out in convention with the Cesare Pozzo mutual aid society and offers three assistance packages:

- FWA PREVENZIONE DONNA with Cancer Prevention from 24 years of age 

- FWA ODONTOIATRIA MINORI with Dental Prevention for Minors


For more information visit www.fwamilano.org or call: +39 02/87198053

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