Monday, May 14 2018 at the La Scala Theatre at 5:30 PM was the annual award ceremony of the progettoDiventerò prizes and scholarships, the multi-year initiative of Bracco Foundation for the young.

As well as giving the young people who won the various opportunities offered by the foundation a chance to meet each other, it was an occasion for assessing the results of the project, which for six years has helped talented students or young professionals in their careers, promoting innovative ways of consolidating links between the academic and employment sectors.

To get an idea of the efficacy of its intervention, since last year the foundation has been working with the Tiresia research centre of the Milan Polytechnic to produce an annual study measuring the social impact of the project. In six years, 333 young people have taken up the opportunities offered. In the phases defined by the methodology adopted (definition of the context, analysis and involvement of stakeholders, mapping of the process of change, definition of methodology and population of indicators, evaluation of impact, discussion of results), some extremely positive indicators emerged among the subjects examined after their participation in progettoDiventerò.

In particular, an analysis of the results showed that the young people had improved their personal well-being by 78%, reinforced their personal and professional growth by more than 57% and also their social relationships.
A multidisciplinary approach and integration among various fields of knowledge are important qualitative criteria in the planning of the activities of Bracco Foundation. In fact, in addition to developing and promoting professional opportunities with progettoDiventerò, the foundation has since 2012 supported as a founding partner La Scala Theatre Academy.

For this reason from last year Bracco Foundation has decided to combine in a single program two events dedicated to supporting the young: after the progettoDiventerò ceremony came the institutional concert of the soloists of La Scala Theatre Academy for the training of opera singers and the Orchestra of the Academy, underlining its commitment to both art and science.
Speakers at the ceremony included Alexander Pererira, Superintendent of La Scala Theatre; Anna Scavuzzo, deputy mayor of Milan; Gaela Bernini, head of the science and social area of Bracco Foundation; the astrophysicist Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta in a dialogue with the start-up Jobiri; director Marco Balich in a dialogue with a young professional of La Scala Theatre Academy; Diana Bracco, president of Bracco Foundation and Valentina Aprea from the Chamber of Deputies. Moderator was Elisabetta Soglio, Corriere della Sera.

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