The “Ladies, prints and extravagances” exhibition (May 31 – October 30, 2017) is the result of a school-work alternation Project involving the Umberto Boccioni artistic high school, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum and Bracco Foundation, which fits perfectly with the mission of the foundation of favouring, through progettoDiventerò, young talents and their entry into employment through highly diversified support initiatives.

The work of the very young students of the Umberto Boccioni artistic high school in Milan, inspired by the masterpieces housed in the museum left to the city by Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli, were developed starting from a fragment, a detail. This allowed the scholars of class 3B to get close to the works of art in the museum without being overawed, considering them an inexhaustible source of shapes, ideas and elements with which to create original images and compositions.

Printing from matrices cut into linoleum allowed each one to create their own image, acquiring design, technical and executional competences. Through the experience of silkscreen printing, the individual parts came together in a graphic creation by several hands, in the symbolic image of the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, the Pollaiolo lady, in an extravagant interpretation of the famous portrait.

The cycle of exhibitions in collaboration with the Centro Diagnostico Italiano (CDI) was inaugurated in 2010 and will give young people the chance to exhibit their creations and, at the same time, give staff and visitors of the Centre a chance to enjoy a cultural experience, in the conviction, supported by scientific evidence, that this helps improve the overall quality of life.

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    CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano Milan, via Saint Bon 20 From May 31 to October 30,2017 Free entrance monday / friday 7 - 19 saturday 7 - 18 u00a0 u00a0
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    Cycle of exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano – 2017

    In 2017 Bracco Foundation, in collaboration with CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano, is organising two exhibitions in the Milan clinic which has long been also a place for exhibitions.

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