Diana Bracco: “Let’s give young people the chance to develop their talent.” With this spirit comes the “Recondite harmonies” exhibition from December 16 at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano.

 “Supporting and promoting the younger generation, giving them the chance to develop their talent, be it scientific, technical or artistic, as much as possible: this is the spirit behind the Recondite Harmonies exhibition, which will show at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 66 works by 12 young artists,” says Diana Bracco, chairman and managing director of the Centro Diagnostico Italiano and president of Bracco Foundation.

Admission is free at the “Recondite harmonies – the art of beauty” exhibition from Wednesday, December 16, which will show at the al Centro Diagnostico Italiano in via Saint Bon, Milan, works created with varying techniques by young artists of the Mostrami collective. This collective has animated the artistic, cultural and social workshop Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0, a creative centre formed by Diana Bracco’s Bracco Foundation in the buildings of the historic Bracco Group production site in Lambrate. In the six months of Expo it was visited by more than 20,000 people.

The title of the exhibition underlines its theme: various kinds of beauty, the symbol of harmony and serenity, can lie hidden in everything around us.

Objects, places and even very different stimuli thus become artistic subjects developed with a great variety of techniques: classic oil on canvas painting side-by-side with acrylic, computer graphics, photographic retouching, collage and digital printing, offering a rich panorama of the many means of expression available to artists today. But all these techniques are a way of attaining the objectives that all these young people have: to seek and sometimes to find that recondite harmony between one’s “ego” and the surrounding world, an objective that often seems impossible to reach.

“A cultural project,” explains president Diana Bracco, “conceived as a chance for the young people of the Mostrami collective to exhibit their unpublished works in an original context to the heterogeneous public that every day crowds the CDI in via Saint Bon, Milan. In this way the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, a place of research and innovative technology that celebrates its 40 years this year, shows it is also a space for creativity and excellent artistic experimentation in Milan.”

The exhibition was developed in two phases. In the first phase there was a call to young artists to take part in a four-day laboratory in the Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0: they have the chance to create their works during the four-day workshop, collaborating among themselves and exchanging ideas and advice. In the second phase all the artists in the Mostrami collective could propose their works relating to the theme of the exhibition. A technical commission selected the participants.

The artists invited to show their works are: Alessandro D’Aquila, Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio, Cinzia&Valentina, Elena Tagliapietra, Federica Foradini, Francesca Sigilli, Francesco Messina, Ivan Sghirinzetti, Laura Beatrice Gerlini, Laura Brambilla, Live Art and Roberto Mari. 

Visitors can also vote for their favourite artist and a prize will be awarded to the two most popular, 50% on the basis of visitor votes and 50% on the opinion of the technical commission.

The exhibition “Recondite harmonies. The art of beauty” can be visited free of charge at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano in Milan, via Saint Bon, 20, from December 16, 2015 until April 30, 2016 from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM and Saturday from 7 AM to 6 PM

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