The exhibition “The rule of talent. Crafts of art. Italian know-how” opens on Tuesday, May 26 at the CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano in via Saint Bon 20. It is organised by Bracco Foundation and Fondazione Cologni dei mestieri d’arte for the EXPO period.

68 splendid shots by the Milanese photographer Laila Pozzo illustrate 17 Italian schools of high craftsmanship, where the maestros of the future study and work: places where young people learn the rule of talent and method, but also the taste and passion for a sector for which Italy is known worldwide and from which design and fashion have drawn their lifeblood.

There is the Friuli school of mosaics, the Murano glass school, the shoemaking Polytechnic of Vigonza, the Cremona violin making school, the high school of Italian leather working in Scandicci and finally the famous restoration schools of the Florence Opificio delle pietre dure, the Rome and Venaria Reale restoration school…

Artistic craftsmanship, talent, passion, tradition but also career possibilities and work opportunities offered to the new generations, this is why Bracco Foundation is supporting the exhibition.

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    CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano
    Via Saint Bon 20, Milano Free entrance Mon-Fri: 7-19 hours Saturday: 7-18

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