Eyes to see the world and the spirit to experience and get to know it. This is the mood of DONNAVVENTURA, a television programme and now a photographic exhibition, which from December 15, 2016 to April 30, 2017 at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, in via Saint Bon 20, Milan, offers a selection of the finest images from expeditions, all by women, around the world, with exotic scenery and encounters with local populations.

The exhibition, staged by Bracco Foundation in collaboration with Donnavventura, CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano and Canon, shows the attention that the Bracco Group is always dedicated to women in their multifarious daily activities and roles.

Gifts that have been demonstrated by participants in DONNAVVENTURA right from the selection process where, to be chosen, they must be able to relate to the context of the voyage, tackle emergencies in often exotic and beautiful but sometimes difficult territories. After the selection is a period of training before the adventure itself, with a period of work at the end of the day. After the travels this training allowed many participants to learn a profession.


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