The testimonial of Martina, Giulia and Sara, operators at the Clinic of the Opera San Francesco (OSF), who every day, coordinated by Sister Anna Maria Villa, welcome, listen to and accompany the women taking part in the "Prevention a Friend of Immigrant Women in Milan" project.

"Joy, anxiety, fear but first of all the wonder for something unexpected but so important, that you know will make life never be the same, with its routine, gestures and everyday words. It is the miracle of a new meeting that will greater increase the awareness of who you are, of your destiny and no matter if it's the first or the second or the fifth: for you it will always be like the first time you wondered: "who am I? who do I want to be? Of course there is more anxiety, because you are not where your history, your roots or your affections are: everything that up to that moment had determined your very existence is now missing, everything is new, different and perhaps even hostile, but the life you carry within you allows you to recognise that this is the miracle of human existence and you are called upon to share it, even more, you are called to be an advocate". 

After all, the sound of the word "mum" whispered into the ear of every woman creates the same huge vortex of emotions no matter what language it is in, and whichever country this new sound is heard. For that sound, it is worth fighting, making difficult choices like moving forward on your own, without a job, with no one who can understand your past and your present, it is worth fighting for the future with a new life. And in this fight you will need, more than anything, to find other women who understand you or, at least, listen to your emotions and try to give an answer to those thousands of new questions in you have. 

Of course, there are not always answers to those questions, we have tried to listen to our women and most often than not they are the ones who have given us the answers.

A huge thank you goes to all those who made this experience possible and who gave us the opportunity to achieve the results.


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