The project “Prevention a friend of immigrant women” was selected as part of the contest sponsored by the Italian Pavilion and Women for Expo within the Universal Exposition of Milan. The initial results of the project were presented at the space "ME and WE - Women for Expo" on 29th September 2015: a year and a half of activity which saw the involvement of over 500 foreign women and 68 new born babies.

The meeting was attended by Pierfrancesco Majorino, Councillor for Social Politics and Culture of Health of the City of Milan, Diana Bracco, President of the Bracco Foundation and Gaela Bernini, Project Manager for the Bracco Foundation, Father Maurizio Annoni, President of Opera San Francesco for the Poor, Sister Anna Maria Villa, Head of the Clinic of Opera San Francesco, Irene Cetin, Director of the Maternal and Child Department of the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan who talked about the eating habits of immigrant women and the result on pregnancy: an aspect still not well studied in Italy, but with important repercussions on the health of mother and child.

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