After the UNESCO in Paris, the Biennale in Venice, the Gran Via in Madrid, the Maxxi in Rome and the UN headquarters in New York, The Garbage Patch State arrived in Milan at Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0, the artistic, cultural and social 'building site', envisaged by the Bracco Foundation and created in collaboration with the collective of young artists of Mostrami.

In the spaces of the historic industrial area of Bracco in via Folli 50, the installation "Vortice" was inaugurated.  It is a large waterspout that brings with it a host of plastic bottle caps in a colourful whirlwind seven metres tall; the artist creator Maria Cristina Finucci has been engaged in a creative process for years, as well as one focused on education and information regarding one of the most important global pollution problems caused by plastic waste scattered in the oceans.


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