The support activities for the promotion of a working model as part of the project "Beyond the Margins" focus on "Fiori all'Occhiello", a multi-ethnic tailoring and project of social entrepreneurship, launched in October 2014 by the Association La Rotonda which brings together tailors from different ethnic backgrounds in a close-knit workgroup. Within the project, many services have been implemented with the overall aim to promote the business development of Fiori all'Occhiello, through actions supporting the quality of life of female workers and more generally citizens of Baranzate, in order to contribute concretely to feeding the social fabric of the community.

The scientific instrument chosen as a catalyst to facilitate the process is "migrant mentoring", which foresees the introduction and support of a mentor within the foreign community. This figure shares, relating to the target group, a similar experience of migration, at the same time, however, they have already achieved important goals in their path of integration in the host country, and are therefore a model of success - inspiring and not discouraging - to which they can aim for. 

The positive effects achieved from the introduction of the figure of a migrant mentor in foreign communities, with the aim of promoting their integration, are also proven by scientific studies, the main ones are discernible in the development of so-called "soft skills", in the improvement of social skills and self-esteem, in defining their long-term objectives and the ability to create a network of relationships. All this helps to become an "active cog" in society.

The services initiated in this area are: the introduction of a mentor of Moroccan nationality in the multi-ethnic tailor's Fiori all'Occhiello, which has become a reference point for Arab women; the opening of the Caffè delle Donne (Women's Cafe) on 8th October 2016, an informal meeting space aimed at women living in Baranzate, Italian and foreign, with the aim of promoting women's empowerment through services related to looking for work and learning the Italian language; the set-up of the after-school babysitting service for the seamstresses' children; the creation of a series of meetings with the seamstresses' husbands mostly Muslim faith, run by Don Paolo, the parish priest of Baranzate and intended to promote discussion and awareness on issues such as women's empowerment, the difficulties of the integration process, the education of children; the activation of workshops inspired by the Bruno Munari method during the summer months, aimed at children of all ethnic groups, to foster communication through creativity.

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