The free exhibition "Hidden balances - the art of beauty" (from December 16th, 2015 to April 30th, 2016, within the CDI, via Saint Bon 20, Milan) sees works created by young artists of the collective Mostrami. A range of diverse objects, places and ideas become artistic subjects created with a great variety of techniques: classical oil painting on canvas actually coexists with acrylic, digital graphics, reworked photography, collage, digital printing, offering a substantial overview of the different expressive mediums available to artists today. Each technique is a means to achieve the goal: to seek and sometimes to find the hidden balance between the "self" and the surrounding world. 

"A cultural project - says president Diana Bracco - designed as an opportunity for the young artists of the collective 'Mostrami' to exhibit their new works in an original context and to benefit the diverse audience like that flocks daily to the CDI in Via Saint Bon, Milan. In this way - continues Dr. Bracco - the Italian Diagnostic Centre, a place of research and innovative technology, which this year celebrates 40 years, confirms itself as a leading hub of creativity and artistic experimentation in Milan".

The exhibition was carried out in two phases. The first phase included a call dedicated to young artists to participate in a four-day workshop within the Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0: the young artists were able to create their works during the four days of workshops, cooperating with each other, exchanging ideas and tips. The second phase allowed all of the artists of the collective Mostrami to propose their works related to the theme of the exhibition. A technical committee selected the project participants.

The artists invited to show their works were: Alessandro D’Aquila, Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio, Cinzia&Valentina, Elena Tagliapietra, Federica Foradini, Francesca Sigilli, Francesco Messina, Ivan Sghirinzetti, Laura Beatrice Gerlini, Laura Brambilla, Live Art and Roberto Mari. 

The collaboration between the Bracco Foundation and the collective Mostrami began in 2015: in fact, the collective breathed energy into the artistic, cultural and social work-site Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0, the creative forge the Bracco Foundation had envisaged for the buildings of the historical Bracco Group's production site in Lambrate that was visited by 20 thousand people during the 6 months of the Expo.


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