The exhibition (18th December 2012 - 31st January 2013), sponsored by the Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Accademia Teatro alla Scala and the Italian Diagnostic Centre (CDI), was the result of a one-year project involving, under the guidance of Maria Chiara Donato, over 40 students taking part in some course at the Accademia, coming from Europe and Asia.

The tailors, who studied the sketches of the first performances, the students of the special effects course for the development of the mannequins, the still photographers for the backstage images and set designers, who created the costumes of the various Puccini heroines, from Magda to Minnie, from Sister Angelica to Madama Butterfly up to the princess Turandot. The light silks of Manon Lescaut, the poor wool of Mimi, the provocative red satin of Musetta, the sumptuous embroidered tulle flowers of Tosca: through the reconstruction, accurate to the smallest and most precious detail, of the historical costumes by the students of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala, the heroines of Giacomo Puccini came back to life within the exhibition "PrimeDonne - Puccini's women", on show at the Italian Diagnostic Centre in Milan. 

Of particular meticulousness was the creation of those elements, usually hidden from view, that visitors were able to discover through the images of the students of still photography course: as a result, it was possible to admire everything that clothes do not normally allow you to see - corsets, bodices, petticoats. Of equal interest was the work performed by make-up artists, hairdressers and experts in special make-up who made the costume dummies even more realistic by giving them faces, arms, hair and make-up. An exhibition of photos that trace all stages of the production.

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