Many young ideas geared to things that cure and take care of things: the exhibition "Objectively better. Taking care of yourself: ideas for a greater well-being" (22nd September to 31st December 2011) sponsored by the Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Domus Academy and CDI, represents the second appointment of the cycle of exhibitions hosted in the CDI exhibition spaces. 

The exhibition presented the results of the workshop "The care of things" run by the Domus Academy for the Master in Design and Interaction Design 2011. The workshop, in collaboration with the same foundation, embodied a concept that challengers the world of design. The young designers questioned themselves on issues relating to aesthetics, the functions, the relationship between sustainability and happiness of the consumer, and at the heart of the reflection was the theme of care, imagining new products, new attitudes, and, most importantly, new emotions.

Working in teams, the young designers created detailed and unusual solutions that address and respond to, in an original away, the often tiresome order of modern life.

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