30 November 2012 - Act

Background Bracco Foundation has been running the “Culture and Health” project for some years now. It is aimed at evaluating the impact that cultural participation has on the perception of individual psychological well-being. One of the main activities last year on the subject was the international symposium “Lifestyles, health and culture: towards a new welfare”, dedicated to the role played by culture in the area of individual and social well-being. Continuing and investigating in-depth the subject, Bracco Foundation organised a reflection on how Art and the Environment can help to improve healthcare.

01 October 2012 - Volume

Text by Luciano Caramel, Kevin McManus, Stefano Aloisi. The book, which accompanied the rich Milanese retrospective organised by Bracco Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, rediscovers the artistic activity of Angiolo D’Andrea (1880-1942), a maestro originally from Friuli but Milanese by adoption.

10 April 2012 - Volume

Bracco Foundation, as part of the project of the exhibition Constantine 313 A.D., created by the Milan Diocesan Museum and with Bracco Foundation as Main Partner, focused its intervention on the charismatic and contemporary figure of St Helena, mother of Constantine, to whom was dedicated not only a room in the layout of the Milan Constantine 313 A.D. exhibition but also a monograph, “Helena. In the shadow of power”, published by Electa.

08 March 2012 - Act

Bracco Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day with a festival of taste, melodies and good health, in a thematic and multidisciplinary approach designed to discover the beneficial properties of wine.

15 February 2012 - Act

Youth unemployment is today a real problem in Europe and, above all, in Italy. However, Bracco Foundation believes that the spreading of awareness and abilities to compete in the global jobs market can help to improve the system.

02 December 2011 - Act

Correct lifestyles, culture and the intelligent use of free time have assumed an increasingly important value and role. The perception of one’s well-being depends on a plurality of factors not exclusively related to material elements but rather to aspects linked to lifestyle, the chance for cultural enrichment and the time dedicated to one’s body.

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