The “All the hours in the world” exhibition on hospitality, relationships and care in multi-ethnic Baranzate

The photographic exhibition “All the hours in the world”, staged by Bracco Foundation and Associazione La Rotonda, highlights diversity starting from infancy and tells of the universal concepts of relationship and care through the work of the great photographer Gerald Bruneau that depicts the daily life of 12 Italian and multi-ethnic families in Baranzate.

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Science & social


"Paperina and scientific selection”: a cartoon strip to tell of female competences

On International Women’s Day Bracco Foundation presents the project in partnership with Panini Comics to recount to a younger public female science with a cartoon strip in the Italian weekly Topolino.

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“Science Hour!" Inclusive teaching starting from the STEM

The Coronavirus epidemic has forced everyone to accept the importance of science. Schools of all kinds and levels are looking at science and research more closely than ever. Bracco Foundation offers them the “Science Hour!” project with teaching suggestions and observations from the #100esperte to offer schools stimuli and references that are reliable and certified.

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News & Events

Eventi / January 29 - June 30, 2020

Inauguration of the exhibition “All the hours in the world” exhibition – Portraits of hospitality,...

The exhibition “All the hours in the world”, staged by Bracco Foundation, Associazione La Rotonda and CDI, has its inauguration on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 6:30 PM in via Saint Bon 20, Milan. It can be visited...

News / March 2020

From the Bracco Foundation media library, culture, music, art and science for all

Bracco Foundation is taking part in the movement of opening and sharing that starts from the social media and arrives into the homes of everybody, with the aim of making culture increasingly accessible.

News / 8th March

10 voices for 10 years: the video message from Barbara Caputo and Luisa Torsi for International...

For International Women’s Day, scientists Barbara Caputo and Luisa Torsi, part of the #100esperte databank and stars of the cartoon strip “Paperina and scientific selection”, will...

News / February 11, 2020

#10 voices for 10 years: the inaugural video message from Ersilia Vaudo of the European Space Agency

On the World day of women and girls in science, Ersilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Officer of the European Space Agency and part of the #100esperte network, explains how science is able...

News / 14.11.2019

#BeautifulScience: the inspirational campaign celebrating science

#BeautifulScience is an inspirational video celebrating science, scientists, and the passion they have for their work.
  • Useful information

    CDI - Centro Diagnostico Italiano

    Via Saint Bon 20, Milan


    Inauguration: July 9, 2019 at 6:30 PM

    Free entrance

  • The project

    Cycle of exhibitions at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano 2019

    What was Milan like when Leonardo arrived there for the first time in 1483 from the Florentine court of the Medici? This demand shaped the course of the exhibition, which is developed in 12 stages, symbolic places of 15th century Milan, including the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie, Palazzo Borromeo, the crypt of the church of San Sepolcro and Ca’ Granda.

    A story told by the images of five young photographers who have just completed the course of stage photography and video at La Scala Academy in a dialogue with the accounts of the brilliant art historian M. Alessandra Filippi. The aim is to (re)discover with different eyes the city of Milan: with its heart is read of the bricks of its houses and blue was the multitude of watercourses it houses.

    The CDI-Centro Diagnostico Italiano will again host an exhibition stemming from collaboration between Bracco Foundation and La Scala Theatre Academy, United since 2011 in a partnership in the youth project “progettoDiventerò”.

    The cycle of exhibitions started in 2010 in collaboration with the CDI is renewed every year in the conviction, supported by scientific evidence, that exposure to art and culture contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of life, while a complementary objective is to develop growing talents.

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